Welcome to Songs from La Mare, krapo’s website.

“A bad musician with good ideas” seems to be the best way to describe me in a few words.

I cover a lot of music and songs from different medias (videogames, TV shows, cartoons, metal bands…) and I try to turn these into something unexpected. Use the menu to find the type of music you are looking for.

Here are a few videos to give you a glimpse of my covers:

Super Mario Bros Theme
Bands & Singers:
Chop Suey (System Of A Down)
TV & Movies:
True Blood

I also write my own music, until now I haven’t done much, but I’m working on a big project that I hope to finish someday: In Another Castle. To listen to the rest of my music, please check Fake OST and Soundtrack of my Life in the menu.

There are different ways to keep up to date with what I do. In the right column of this website you can subscribe to:
– automatic e-mail notifications that will let you know whenever a new article is posted (subscribe in “Follow blog via email” section)
– my newsletter which I will use only to let you know about special events

Also my RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… will also allow us to keep in touch.

Enjoy your visit!


  1. Bonjour Krapo! J’ai mette un lilen a votre “Village Cocorico” sur mon blog de musique. C’est une belle piece– bon pour ecouter et regarder. Je suis desole si mon francais est incorrect; j’essaie en tout cas 🙂


    Diane Hurst

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