Firefly – Ballad of serenity

Though I had been hearing about Firefly for quite a while, nothing except Joss Whedon’s name made me want to watch it. Yet, when I recently had free time and not much to watch, I decided to give it a try.

It seems difficult to explain why I enjoyed this show so much. The story is nothing new, and the fact that the show was cancelled after the first season prevented it to be developed as much as it should have been. It must be the characters then. You quickly grow attached to Mal and his crew. But more than anything, since the first episode I have loved the opening song Ballad of Serenity. I had to cover it, I just needed to think about how.

This time I chose to not make a complex multi-track arrangement. Everything was captured in one take. I decided to play not only the chords, but also as many of the little melodic phrases as I could on the guitar. In order to add a little rhythm and depth, I was holding an egg shaker in my right hand, and beating a tambourine with my foot.

I know I should have worked more on the singing but everytime I start a cover, I only want to share it as quickly as possible.


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