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Steven Universe – opening

steven-universeA lot of people told me I should watch Steven Universe, so I recently started  doing so. Since episode one, I was so much into this song. Of course I love ukulele, but the song is also catchy, the harmonies are great and the melody is nice. So I really had to cover it.

I did so one night after work, I could have spent more time on it but I really wanted to post it quickly. The little amount of time spent on it makes the cover a bit sketchy (as always), but for once I am quite happy with my high-pitched singing, which I usually find horrible. The instruments I used include the ukulele of course, glockenspiel, toy piano (at last I got to use it after buying it one year ago at least), hand claps, and taps on my belly (my tribute to steven) to recreate the bass drum.

More covers from cartoons, TV shows and movies here!


Duck Tales – The Moon

Duck talesThis is a mostly acoustic cover of this great theme from the NES’s classic Duck Tales.

It all began with acoustic guitar tracks, recorded with the cable output as well as a microphone, but then a hoard of kazoos broke in, followed by electric guitars and a glockenspiel.

This theme has been haunting me for a while, we even covered it with  Dorémi Game & Cie (now known as BO•OST), but I think it became worse when I heard Les Negitachi sing it during Nolife’s 9th birthday.

Toehider & krapo – Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea

Mike and krapoOn Saturday, September 26th, I have had the privilege, the honour and the pleasure of opening for Brisbane-based band Toehider‘s Mike Mills.

Mike is the artist I admire and respect the most, and I can only urge you to listen to his music and watch his videos. Everyone at the show was amazed, the metal fan as much as the pop fan. Mike’s impressive voice and virtuoso guitar playing convinced everyone of his talent, especially at the end of the show, when all the audience was singing along to this amazing Bohemian Rhapsody cover.

As if watching and listening to him play was not enough to make my day, I had the pleasure to play and sing with him the opening song of Spartakus and the Sun Beneath The Sea.

Firefly – Ballad of serenity

Though I had been hearing about Firefly for quite a while, nothing except Joss Whedon’s name made me want to watch it. Yet, when I recently had free time and not much to watch, I decided to give it a try.
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Still Alive feat. GLaDOS as PotatOS

Still Alive featuring very special guest GLaDOS.
Recorded live at Kawaii Café on April 24th, 2012.
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Super Makariko Land

Super Makariko Land

Super Mario Land Main Theme in the style of Kakariko Village Theme

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Portal 2 – Want You Gone (ukulele + vocoder) with Tab

Want You Gone (Jonathan Coulton) from Portal 2.
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Lost Woods (Zelda Ocarina of Time)

Lost Woods (Zelda Ocarina of Time)

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Gerudo Valley (Zelda Ocarina of Time)

Gerudo Valley Theme (The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of time)
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Starfox – Corneria

Starfox – Corneria
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