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Steven Universe – opening

steven-universeA lot of people told me I should watch Steven Universe, so I recently started  doing so. Since episode one, I was so much into this song. Of course I love ukulele, but the song is also catchy, the harmonies are great and the melody is nice. So I really had to cover it.

I did so one night after work, I could have spent more time on it but I really wanted to post it quickly. The little amount of time spent on it makes the cover a bit sketchy (as always), but for once I am quite happy with my high-pitched singing, which I usually find horrible. The instruments I used include the ukulele of course, glockenspiel, toy piano (at last I got to use it after buying it one year ago at least), hand claps, and taps on my belly (my tribute to steven) to recreate the bass drum.

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True Blood – Bad Things (Jace Everett) unplugged cover

True Blood – Bad Things (Jace Everett) unplugged cover

Bad Things (True Blood theme song) cover on guitars with Tenori-On. The time signature has been changed to 6/8 so that the song sounds much more melancholic.
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